Customer Support Outsourcing

We help you easily scale and outsource your customer support globally across different channels.

OUR Customer Support Outsourcing Process

Less stress. More money.

We have the processes built out to recruit, hire, and train customer support. We've done it over and over again and will be able to save you a lot of money while retaining your customers through our proven process.


Our customer support outsourcing experts study your competitors, existing customer support department, and the ways in which your employees engage with the customers.


Our customer support outsourcing team will create and design a custom-made roadmap and strategy that will declutter your operations team and improve customer experience.


After execution of the roadmap and the strategy, our team will measure KPIs, make adjustments, and set everything for scale to maximize your clients satisfaction.

Call Center Voice & Video

Through our exciting video chat experience, your customers can connect, interact, and have their questions answered or issues resolved more efficiently than ever before. Let’s recreate “face-to-face” experiences with your customers!

Messaging & Chat

Our secret sauce ensures we achieve a professional visual, vocal, and verbal presentation your customers expect and deserve.

Work Force Management

Workforce planning, forecasting and real-time service adherence monitoring

Frequently asked questions

Here are frequently asked questions we always get asked around customer support outsourcing.

What is customer support outsourcing?

Customer support outsourcing is contracting with another business (third party) to manage the customer support team's recruiting, training, management,  and daily customer service channels.

How much does customer support outsourcing cost?

The cost of customer support outsourcing varies depending on many different factors such as how much foot traffic you have, how many inbound calls, average call duration, how many clients you have, etc.

Why is customer support outsourcing a good idea for my business?

It's extremely important if you've increased your book of business and you're struggling to keep up with recruiting, hiring, and managing new staff to keep up with demand.

What countries can we outsource customer service to?

You can outsource your customer service to any of our call centers in Columbia, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, and South Africa. Contact us for more locations.

Our Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves in Customer Experience and customer satisfaction. The best way to showcase that is what our clients have to say about us.

"Tariq and the team at BCX’s are one of the leaders in promoting and securing meaningful BPO opportunities in South Africa."
Zondwa Mandela
Chairman, Mandela Foundation
“I consider Tariq one of the fathers of the BPO industry in India and a unique worldwide professional warrior that knows the industry inside out.”
Roger Pena
“Tariq is a great professional with experience in managing BPO organizations and helped us translate strategies into operational excellence.”
Romy Ulloa
Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase
“Tariq successfully built global operations for Apple. He was a pioneer, launching Speech Analytics to improve CSAT and NPS.”
Jeff Yentis
VP Strategic Programs, Khoros