AI Chatbots

Always there to listen and converse. Constantly on your side. Answering your questions. Join the millions of people who are developing with their AI chatbots!

Always There For Your Customers

It improves user response rates by being present on your website 24 hours a day. AI Chatbots save you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.

Tailored To Your Needs

Develop connections with consumers.
Schedule appointments, collect contact information, and establish connections.
Simple and tailored experiences can help you convert leads.

Know What Your Customer Wants

Determine your customer's wants and needs. Know what kind of issues they are facing. AI chatbots can analyze and find these information to help you get the upper hand in your business.

Our Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves in Customer Experience and customer satisfaction. The best way to showcase that is what our clients have to say about us.

"Tariq and the team at BCX’s are one of the leaders in promoting and securing meaningful BPO opportunities in South Africa."
Zondwa Mandela
Chairman, Mandela Foundation
“I consider Tariq one of the fathers of the BPO industry in India and a unique worldwide professional warrior that knows the industry inside out.”
Roger Pena
“Tariq is a great professional with experience in managing BPO organizations and helped us translate strategies into operational excellence.”
Romy Ulloa
Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase
“Tariq successfully built global operations for Apple. He was a pioneer, launching Speech Analytics to improve CSAT and NPS.”
Jeff Yentis
VP Strategic Programs, Khoros